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About Us

More than thirty years ago Jeff Cooper identified the three equivalent elements of defensive shooting as: Accuracy, Power and Speed. The point being that when it suddenly becomes necessary to shoot an attacker in order to suppress a lethal assault you have to hit, you have to shoot accurate and you have to shoot fast enough to stop the attack before you get hit. The "Power" element of this equation is the kinetic energy of the projectile fired from the gun, but the accuracy and speed are dependent on shooters skills.

The best way to develop these critical skills and achieving an effective balance of accuracy and speed is by TRAINING.

At Patriot Shooting Academy LLC you will be taught by former Law Enforcement personnel, Champion Competition Shooters and Private Security Contractors with vast teaching and training experience at the national and international level. Our instructors not only have practical and defensive competition shooting skill building techniques but are experienced in the "Real World" tactical field as well.

Certifications held by our instructor include NRA, USPSA, IDPA and TN State Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

At Patriot Shooting Academy LLC we have a unique cadre of instructors ready to help you meet all of your firearms training needs.

We offer Beginner to Advanced Training, Personal Training, and Group Training

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