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Training Courses


Maximize and build a more rounded shooting platform (Intermediate/Advanced)

High speed execution of the fundamentals is essential for any form of dynamic shooting. This course will focus on how to become faster without sacrificing accuracy as well as shooting from different positions, multiple target acquisition and transitions, shooting with both strong hand and support hand only and become a more efficient and effective shooter.

Cost $300.00 Per Person


Topics Covered:

    • Gun Safety Rules
    • Review of Grip and Stance
    • Sight Alignment/Sight Picture
    • Trigger Control
    • Target Acquisition and Transitions
    • Recoil Management/Recoil Control
    • Strong and Support Hand Shooting
    • The Draw Stroke
    • Reloads
    • Tips on How to Practice



The equipment mentioned below, minimum of 700 Rounds of ammunition (1000 Recommended) and Your Desire to Learn
  • A safe, serviceable semi-automatic pistol or revolver of adequate caliber for self defense ( 9mm or larger recommended)
  • Strong side belt or paddle holster (NO SHOULDER RIGS)
  • Minimum of 3 magazines and 2 magazine carriers (More magazines are better)
  • Hearing and Eye protection (MANDATORY)
  • Proper weather related clothing (Brimmed hats or baseball caps recommended)

Course Completion

At Patriot Shooting Academy LLC. we take pride in all of our students. Upon completion of the course each student will receive a course certificate, detailed course outline and personalized training guide.

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We offer Beginner to Advanced Training, Personal Training, and Group Training

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