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Training Courses


Introduction to Tactical Carbine

This 6 hour course is designed to teach the shooter basic shooting fundamentals when utilizing a tactical carbine platform (Ar-15/M-4, TAVOR, SCAR, AK, ETC).

Cost $300.00 Per Person


Topics Covered:

    • Safety Rules
    • Carbine Parts and Nomenclature
    • Equipment Considerations
    • Zeroing Techniques
    • Shooting Positions (standing, kneeling and prone)
    • Malfunction Identification and Clearing
    • Rapid Target acquisition
    • Systems disassembling, assembling and Maintenance



  • Safe operable carbine
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Sling
  • A minimum of 2 20 or 30 rd magazines
  • At least one magazine carrier on belt or chest rig
  • Holographic sights are acceptable, but you must also have operable iron sights
  • Eye protection and Ear protection (Mandatory)
  • An open mind and good attitude

Course Completion

At Patriot Shooting Academy LLC. we take pride in all of our students. Upon completion of the course each student will receive a course certificate, detailed course outline and personalized training guide.

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